believe it, achieve it

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Elise, 20. Adelaide Australia. Runner and wannabe yogi. This is my space dedicated to health and fitness along with some other favourites including Doctor Who, Sherlock, Hawaii 5-0 and a few other bits and pieces. This is a pro recovery blog!
SW: 85kgs CW: 75kgs GW 65kgs


get rid of the toxic people in your life that constantly make you feel crap.

no one should ever have the power to control how you live your life, or how you feel. 

you only have one life, you should be happy living it. 



the definition of a healthy lifestyle is not working out all the time, eating fruits and vegetables and lifting.

a healthy lifestyle is doing whatever you like, smiling, inner peace, eating whatever you like and whatever is good for your body and your soul, loving, being happy, laughing with the ones you love, feeling comfortable with your body and being positive. enjoy being alive.


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